Industrial filtration

Konus Konex is the only Slovenian producer of filter materials for industrial, liquid and air filtration, made of non-woven and woven materials. We operate in more than 50 countries around the world and we offer a wide range of filter materials and filter elements.


We are the only Slovenian producer of non-woven needlefelt materials for industrial gas and dust filtration. Although we offer a comprehensive range of materials, we are mainly focused on low and medium high temperature filtration.

PP – Polypropylene
PES-PAN – Polyester – Acrylic
PAN – Acrilyc Homopolymere
PAC – Acrylic Copolymere
AR – meta Aramide
ARR – meta Aramide blend with regenerated mAramide fibres
PPS – Polphenylene Sulfide

The materials are adapted to the needs of customers already at the production stage.
In addition to the standard materials , we also produce:
– antistatic AGT-BT variants ( with Dekra EXAM certificate ),
– materials intended for use in food contact applications ( EU 1935/2004, 10/2011)
– materials for low emission demands and extremely demanding conditions of use ( BIA L, M).

A wide range of mechanical and chemical treatments (Oil-Water, PTFE…, a personalized series with no minimum quantity, and a short response time, offer our customers optimum for their needs.


Besides the production of non-woven needle materials for filtration of liquids, Konus Konex continues the tradition of production of woven materials for dry and liquid filtration.
The production includes PE-polyester and PP-polypropylene materials in a standard and antistatic version.
Materials for use in food contact processes or pharmacy are adequately tested in accordance with EU standards 1935/2004 and 10/2011,.


Konus Konex d.o.o, according to state-of-the-art production methods, manufactures and processes air cleaning products, from simple to highly demanding for various purposes and complexity. Our production covers the field of manufacture of filter materials from G2- F9, as well as the production of finished products intended for installation. For the customer’s needs we always select the right material and dimensions and adjust the filter according to your wishes already in the material production phase.


KOFIL is a production unit of Konus Konex, which manufactures filter elements for industrial filtration from materials manufactured by Konus Konex.
Filter bags for dust extraction and filtration, canvas filter, filter plates, vacuum filters and sacks from micron materials… and filters of all kinds for air conditioning and air purification are the basic production programs of Kofil – filters.
In addition to basic programs, we produce and offer additional filtration products as well. are:
– pneumatic belts ( air slides) woven and non-woven,
– support cages for filters,
– sealing materials,
– drive belts and conveyor belts as additional products.

Transport, conveyor and drive belts we offer not only to service industrial applications related to filtration, but also to support applications in all industries.
More on our special page – Power transfer .

Our products were accompanied by technological as well as special certificates (for use in the food industry, antistatic properties, anti-explosion protection )

Product quality and traceability guarantee
Because we are basically material manufacturers, you receive with our products – Kofil, a product that is stamped to your needs and quality tested at all stages of its creation – from fiber (yarn) to final product – filter. That’s why you receive from us 100% guarantee of the product’s compliance in its entirety.
This separates us from other companies in Slovenia, which only sells the sales program, while the basic materials or semi-finished products are bought on the world market.