Industrijska filtracija

Konus Konex is the only Slovene producer of filter material for industrial, liquid and HVAC filtration, made of non-woven materials. Konus Konex operates in more than 50 countries all over the world and offers a wide range of materials and filters. We can always offer you the right material for your requirements and adjust it to your wishes already in the stage of material production.


Filters for industrial filtration are designed for removing dust in industry. Company Konus Konex produces different filter materials weighting from 350 to 600 g/m2, in width of 215 cm and length of 100 m. The choice of material depends on the production activities and process demands. We also offer different material treatments, material tests…



Liquid filtration is one of the operations for separating solid parts from suspensions. Each application is individually assessed to ensure the correct balance of operational requirements. Production is spread to PP, PE in PE antistatic support fabric and PP, PE and PE antistatic woven liquid materials.



Company Konus Konex uses the most modern production methods to produce and manufacture products for air cleaning from simple ones to the most demanding ones for different purposes and application levels. Our production includes producing of filter materials from the filtration rate of G3 to F9 as well as